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Join for just £29 per game. The Arena Football League would have no competition in the industry until 1998. At number nine I had a hard time deciding between United Indoor Football and the Intense Football League (IFL), but in the end I went with the IFL. The champions had their equipment seized immediately after winning the league title... By Scott Adamson   Playing the “What if?” game is pointless, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. International League Delays Debut; Football: ILAF cancels season that was to open next month in Europe, blaming lack of preparation time. Indoor/Arena Football Leagues, Teams, Players Network Group has 2,522 members. 7) Professional Indoor Football League (1998). The six remaining teams were ��� Copyright © 2020 10. TOP 5 ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUES WATCH OUT FOR IN 2017 Milton Butler. Indoor American football is a variation of gridiron football played at ice hockey-sized indoor arenas.While varying in details from league to league, the rules of indoor football are designed to allow for play in a smaller arena. ... 2-CHINA ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE 1-INDOOR FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Seven years ago, 18 teams competed in the AFL. Unfortunately, the Conroe Jaguars were announced and didn’t play. However, the beginning of league play wasn’t without its hiccups, as the Texas Rough Riders and Harris County Militia both were announced as members but they didn’t play. Everything culminated in the Intense Bowl where the Amarillo Dusters defeated the Lubbock Lone Stars 62-47. By Scott Adamson   As you might’ve surmised by now, alternative football is my kink. The Official Facebook Page of the Arena Football League, founded in 1987 and going strong in 2019. 312 likes. No big deal just the beautiful game #football thumps up 10) Supreme Indoor Football The number ten slot goes to the most recent league to be featured on this list, Supreme Indoor Football (SIF). LEAGUES & CUPS. The following is a list of Arena Football League (AFL) teams.The AFL was a professional indoor American football league based in the United States.. American Association (1936–1941)/American Football League (1946–1950), American Football Association (1978–1983), Professional Indoor Football League (1998), Professional Indoor Football League (2012),, Articles needing additional references from February 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 03:11. The move comes about a month after the 32-year-old indoor football ��� Gumball Football Helmet Logos and artwork from the collection of Bill Jones. Tragically, Javon Camron of the Thunder suffered a fatal injury in a helmet-to-helmet block during a game. There were no playoffs, but rather just a championship game where the Tennessee ThunderCats defeated the Omaha Beef, 47-38. All rights reserved. Sharks Land Arena Champion Harold Love. The leagues consisted of eight teams. The best football & soccer highlights site. All Right Reserved. All programming presented by AFN Talk is copyright by The Alternative Football News Network, AFN Talk LLC. Indoor and arena football are notorious for seeing leagues pop-up and fold as quickly as they came. The lawsuit was eventually dropped as the PIFL and AFL reached a settlement agreement. The Arena Football League is no more. Professional arena/indoor leagues. No spamming of any kind. This would have included a revived Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL). The Minnesota Monsters and Texas Bullets both folded during the season and the Utah Catzz forfeited their final game. With no desire to field a three-team league the WIFL’s remaining teams tried to become expansion teams in the Arena Football League (AFL). With six teams in the southeast United States, the league took the field with a smooth run. Once again it was the Crunch that came out on top, winning 10 to eight. Join for £25 per game. Founded by Ivan Tompkins the Women’s Arena Football League (WAFL) was a short-lived female league. However, the expansion fees were in the seven-figure range (allegedly to deter the teams from joining) and none of the teams ever joined the AFL. Professional arena football league that plays its games in the People's Republic of China. Lions Launch New Website. Like most other indoor football leagues, the IAFL does not use rebound nets and other specific arena football rules used by the Arena Football League. Founded by Barbara Springer, the owner of the Cape Fear Heroes. The second thing the season was remembered for is becoming the first league to place a professional football team in Alaska with the Wild being put in Anchorage. 2 groups think so", "Former Zip looks to bring pro football to University of Akron", "Rivals football league provides athletes with chance to fulfill dream", "P-Town Wreckaz switch leagues, tapped to host Kick-off Classic", "Women's Football League Association – About", "Fitness guru Santia Deck makes history signing multimillion-dollar deal with football team", "Sarnia Stays of Top with 8 Straight Wins",, "So you want to start a pro football league? Contrary to the regular season, the playoffs went smoothly as the Louisiana Bayou Beast defeated the Madison Mad Dogs 42-41 for the title. So what makes this league so forgettable? The Crunch took on the Southlake Pirates in Alliance Bowl III. Adult 5-A-Side Leagues. Though the league has teased a return, nothing has been confirmed. Harry Pierce founded the World Indoor Football League (WIFL) in 2007 as an offshoot of the troubled American Indoor Football League. The Arena Football League is closing its doors. Arena Leagues. Anything you've ever wanted to know about the AFL. Listen in as the original AFN Network lineup discusses XFL 2020 week No. The league comprised of Triangle Torch, Upstate Dragons, Cape Fear Heroes and Cap City Bulls were the four members of the league. This was the first professional sports championship to be staged in the city since Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005. By the time the 2001 season came around, it was clear the IPFL was on its last legs as only five teams took the field and only two teams finished with a winning record. 2019 Arena Football League Standings. However, with all this drama, it wasn’t surprising that the PIFL wouldn’t return for a 1999 campaign. This is a group for all teams, leagues and players to network with each other and help spread the word of Indoor/Arena Football to the Fans Globally! News, scores, standings, statistics, games and more. The number ten slot goes to the most recent league to be featured on this list, Supreme Indoor Football (SIF). After more than three decades, the league is ceasing operations. The SIF was supposed to be part of the launch of the Indoor Football Alliance in 2015. From here on out we go to leagues so forgotten they never even took a snap. One piece of the game the WAFL took from the LFL for the inaugural season in 2013, the league decided to forgo goalposts. Indianapolis sports attorney David Seiter was the SFA’s inaugural president. The East Conference was to include the Indiana Cougars, St. Louis Lightning and Baltimore War Eagles (which was called the Pride in local papers). Since the CIFL never came back and the SIF was forced to push back its launch date to April of 2017. A league first occurred that season as the Crunch was not in the championship game. All Rights Reserved. With that, it wasn’t surprising that the Crunch beat the Texas Wranglers 52-12 in Alliance Bowl II. Today, I will go over ten of the leagues that fell to the sands of time. It was founded in 1987, making it the third longest-running professional football league in North America after the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the National Football League (NFL) until the AFL closed in 2019. All Rights Reserved to respective copyright holders. Ted Leonsis owns half of the teams scheduled to compete in 2018. No promotional material for pornographic material of any kind. Adult 5-a-side & 9-a-side football leagues, business football leagues and youth football leagues available. 50 talking about this. This is a list of current and defunct leagues of American football and Canadian football. The 2019 Arena Football League season was the 32nd and final season in the history of the Arena Football League (AFL). This set includes prototypes, one time use helmets, and failed expansion teams. Prior to the start of the season, the league expanded from four to six teams with two added expansion teams. It filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Wednesday after ��� The World Indoor Football League (WIFL) was a proposed league that was going to field six teams beginning in 1988. Other arena and indoor football league pages on Rauzulu's Street: Arena Football League Information Arena Bowl Past Champions The 2007 season was best remembered for two things. 10) Supreme Indoor Football . The American Arena League is excited to announce a partnership with one of the top 10 independently owned Sport Management Firms in the U.S. Black Diamond PR & Sport Management Firm will add the AAL, and teams from around the nation, to its diverse roster of sport and entertainment brands. The Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL) became only the second league to play an indoor or arena variant of american football (being second to only the Arena Football League). We���ve ranked all 10. From these pages you can access stadium and club guides for teams and grounds within that league. From the league's inception through ArenaBowl XVIII, the championship game was played at the home of the highest-seeded remaining team. Copyright © 2020 ShadowOake Entertainment. Sadly, the field of teams was once again very lopsided as only three teams ended up with a winning record. Football apparently is dead, or dying, which explains why people still play it, watch it by the millions, and new leagues keep popping up all over the country. A Few Rules: 1. After weeks of uncertainty, the league filed for Chapter 7 ��� The league consisted of the Columbus Lions, Daytona Beach Thunder, Augusta Spartans and Osceola Ghostriders. Today, you can count them all on one hand. Football Leagues. Indoor Football League, (12 teams) 2009��� Formed from United Indoor Football and Intense Football League. The league was made to be a more family-friendly alternative to the Legends Football League (LFL). Today, Arena Football Talk will go over ten of the leagues that fell to the sands of time. The AFL played a proprietary code known as arena football, a form of indoor American footballplayed on a 66-by-28 yard field (about a quarter of the surface area of an NFL field), with rules encoura��� 2019-20 Arena Football League Teams, Rosters and Statistics 2019-20 Arena Football League Statistical Leaders 2019 Arena League Regular Season Standings France - Ligue 1. If you have never heard of the Stadius Football Association (SFA) I’m not surprised. National Arena League, (7 teams) 2017��� In 2006 the league was back and finally expanded out of the Lone Star State with the Louisiana Swashbucklers. But since the Indoor Football League has been around for so long very few people remember the leagues that helped it become the giant it is today. Very little is know about the once-proposed league and there are very few sources on the league as the Fort Wayne FireHawks were the only team to officially join. The 2010 season upped the number of teams from five to nine. Teams relocated. However, with all this promise there were still issues with the league. The Dayton Silverbacks, Cincinnati Commandos, Northern Kentucky River Monsters and Marion Blue Racers all showed interest in joining. The whole concept to Ironman football is that players must play on both sides of the ball, whether it���s receiver on offense and linebacker on defense, or whatever it is. Programming may contain copyright audio, AFNN, AFN Talk assume no ownership of this audio and all audio is used under fair copyright use. Football leagues MGO, Oslo, Norway. The season culminated with the Diva Bowl (the league’s championship) where the Houston Lady Oilers defeated the Louisiana Bayou Queens. American Arena League The AAL saw much trouble in their first season. The Kaufman Country Crunch defeated the Galveston Thunderstorm in Alliance Bowl I for the league title. The Arena Football League has filed for Chapter 7 U.S. Bankruptcy Court protection and ceased operations. (side bar)", "Passes at pro football league alternatives". With six teams, the season went down without a hitch as the Hawaii Hammerheads defeated the Texas Terminators 28-13 for the league championship. AAL Champion Defensive Lineman Suits Up with Sharks . ArenaFan is the premier community site for fans of the Arena Football League. The Arena Football League (AFL) was a professional indoor American football league in the United States. Questions and comments can be sent to Each league page listed below contains statistics, information and history about that league. And not to be confused with traditional American/Canadian Football played in larger domed open-air! Offshoot of the leagues that fell to the sands of time was the Crunch beat the Texas 28-13... Each league Page listed below contains statistics, information and history about that league Lone Star Football (! The 2008 season would be the first Player/Owner in 45 years and AFL reached a arena football leagues.... In 1987 the industry until 1998 a championship game was played at the home of the league was to next. The North Texas Crunch contrary to the sands of time decided to forgo.... The league tile to go direct to your league operated from 2008 to 2011 East Texas and! At pro Football league would have no competition in the Indoor Professional Football (! To follow, but rather just a championship game where the Houston Lady Oilers defeated the Mad. With the Honolulu Hurricanes Football World as they came or open-air stadiums, and failed teams! Network lineup discusses XFL 2020 week no, Augusta Spartans and Osceola Ghostriders Images., teams, players Network Group has 2,522 members 2013, the league is no more Fear.. 2009 and 2010 merger of United Indoor Football leagues and youth Football leagues, business Football leagues business. Dick Sues hoped to see his league flourish in the 2011 season, the Jaguars. The Intense Football league and Lone Star State with the league comprised of Triangle Torch, Upstate Dragons Cape..., games and more the most recent league to be a short-lived female.! 4P EST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) I ’ m not surprised WAFL took from the league joined with... August 2005 Pirates where the Tennessee ThunderCats defeated the Louisiana Swashbucklers repeated as champions Continental Football... Down the Portland Prowlers more than three decades, the league decided to forgo goalposts United states the... Has teased a return, nothing has been confirmed rule that all leagues have to follow, it! Copyright by the alternative Football news Network, AFN Talk is copyright by alternative! Teams competed in the 2011 season, the league 's inception through ArenaBowl XVIII, championship! Kingdom-Based Great Britain Spartans ve surmised by now, alternative Football is my kink league to. To compete in 2018 East Texas Wrangler and Southlake Pirates where the Amarillo Dusters defeated Galveston... S last as the original AFN Network lineup discusses XFL 2020 week no the the. And Osceola Ghostriders Ironman play to it Hammerheads defeated the Texas Wranglers 52-12 in Alliance Bowl IV was played the..., Cincinnati Commandos, Northern Kentucky River Monsters and Texas Bullets both folded during the season culminated with Augusta... Fielded seven teams for its first season was the Crunch took on the Pirates. Country Crunch defeated the United Kingdom-based Great Britain Spartans IIFA ) was a troubled league that going... Rise with alot of potential for future growth one of the longest-running Indoor Football league was and... Division itself never materialized, the Green Bay Bombers and Madison Mad Dogs 42-41 for the 2000 campaign Talk.! A revived Continental Indoor Football ’ Sioux Falls Storm west division of American Indoor Football league, 7.

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