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You can apply for the service records of a deceased person if any of these apply: You are an immediate next of kin (e.g. Searches covering a unit or event are also available. Corps (e,g, Army Service Corps; Royal Signals; Royal Engineers etc. Naval pension records begin as early as 1617 and give the name of pensioner, reason for discharge, and sometimes next of kin, birthplace, age, and physical description. Most regiments have published histories that tell the places where they served and the battles they fought. Reports and Returns, 1757-1878 (volumes 1 to 89) III. Free digital downloads While there is limited access to our Kew site, signed-in users can download digital records for free. See: Militia lists (beginning as early as 1297) contain the names of men eligible for military service. Buddy Finder: Do a military records search by name (only last name or email is required). It established colonies all over the world, and had a great deal of influence in other parts of the globe. They represent about 8 percent of the soldiers who served during those years. Visit $ WO12 Series General Muster Books and Pay Lists to learn more about these valuable records. WO 12 Series: General Muster Books and Pay Lists. Sir Thomas Adams Regiment of Foot. Pre-1872 army records are organized by regiment. If an officer was living during 1828 or 1829, you can use the indexed returns of service. Now the army is run by comissioned officers. A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army. The Soldier in Later Medieval England database has names of about 250,000 soldiers. This page has been viewed 67,658 times (1,504 via redirect). Library records are listed in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under either ENGLAND or GREAT BRITAIN and the following subject headings: It is difficult to locate an individual’s record without knowing his ship or regiment. There is currently a £30 fee for copies of these records and the record copies are normally heavily censored. Militia musters are lists of men in the militia. Originally the responsibility for directing the British Army fell under the command of the staff of the National War Office. Many records are only available online, sometimes on more than one site. The Military General Service Medal instituted in 1847, covered a retrospective period and was awarded to all army personnel that had served on active campaigns between 1793-1815. In Search of Army Ancestry. Order of Battle of Divisions, Index. The Ancient British Fencible Cavalry 1794-1800. Types of Military Records World War I - Present. Some of the cards have additional information on the reverse such as theatre of operations, home addresses, next of kin and so forth. However, they are incomplete before 1828. These are briefly dis… Altogether, over 25,000 medals were issued. Reprint. Post-WW2 casualties can be found listed at the Armed Forces Memorial website. The original files are at the Public Record Office in England. If you are unable to visit the National Archives, they provide a document service at £0.40 per page. The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) is the repository of millions of military personnel, health, and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services during the 20th century. The principal records are the soldier's Discharge Papers for those soldiers discharged with a pension. Not knowing the name of the commune in which our forbear was born, and knowing only the province’s name, these records become a very important source. Findmypast also has several Irish-specific military resources including World War 1 records, Rolls of Honour and pensioner’s service records. (See the "Merchant Marine" article.) A Guide to the Sources of British Military History. The lists of military recruitment (Liste di Leva and Ruoli Matricolari). The Family History Library also has some pension records. Most books start about 1805 and continue to 1850. They were assigned continuous service numbers and records were maintained for the duration of their careers. London, England: Phillimore & Company, Limited, 1977. They are a collection known as the "unburned documents." The Family History Library has Royal Marine Attestation papers on microfilm for the following divisions: These Attestation papers give the age, birthplace, trade and physical characteristics of each man on recruitment and details of his enlistment and attestation. Forces War Records is the leading UK military genealogy specialist website. The records usually list each person assigned to a ship or regiment at the muster date, his age on joining, the date he joined, the place where he joined, and sometimes information such as a dependent list (in later army musters) and birthplace (on sea musters from 1770). Get FREE ACCESS* to Ancestry UK’s Wartime Records collection NOW through 11:59 pm (GMT) Monday November 11th. 1803–1815: Napoleonic Wars. a husband, wife, or parent). Our UK military records are expanding! Just over 400,000 service personnel and civilians died in the war. [1] Navy musters cover 1667 to 1878. This group of records are known as the “Unburnt Doc… The army description book for each regiment includes each recruit’s full name on "attestation" (enlistment), age when he joined, place where he joined, birthplace, previous trade, and physical description. Returns of officers’ service tend to be more complete, including the names of the officer and his wife and children; birth and marriage dates and places; and a complete summary of stations, regiments, and promotions. Medals indexes and records online at the National Archives. A few contain details about awards of the Military Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal. Usually there are separate records for Commissariat officers, staff officers, medical officers (surgeons), chaplains, and others. 80 parts. (Family History Library book 942 M2j.) BYU FHL book V 11 .G7 A52 vol.1.). The War Dead of the British Commonwealth and Empire. British Library, Royal Naval Rating's Service Records, 1853-1923, French Muster Rolls from the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805, Women's Royal Naval Service Records, 1917-1919, Royal Naval Division Service Records, 1914-1919, Royal Naval Officers' Service Records, 1756-193, Royal Naval Reserve Service Records, 1860-1955, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Service Records, 1903-1922, Logs and Journals of Ships of Exploration, 1757-1904, United Kingdom, World War I Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Records, 1917-1920, Ruhleben Civilian Internment Camp Ancestors. A notable exception is the Indian Army, for which many records are held at the British Library Oriental and India Office Collections, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB England. Seamen often moved between the navy and the merchant marines. A Division of The Everton Publishers [This article originally appeared in the September- October 1987 issue of Everton's Genealogical Helper. Fold3 features premier collections of original military records. Air 78: An index to airmen and airwomen's service records held in AIR 79. (Family History Library book 942 A5 number 22. Military records include draft or service records, pension records, prisoner rolls and histories. Many of the records in this collection were composed by the Royal Chelsea Hospital for pensions. This gives birthplace, place of enlistment, rank, date of death and cause of death. Medal Rolls. (1916). Free digital downloads. UK Military Records. London, England: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972. They are not currently available to view online and can only be accessed at TNA. The Victoria Cross is Britian’s highest award for valour to members of the armed forces of Commonwealth countries. British Armed Forces, First World War Soldiers' Medical Records. We’ve recently added a new collection, “UK, Militia Attestation Papers, 1806-1915”. The scope, content, and frequency of returns of service vary greatly. The Wooden City: A Journal for British Prisoners of War(Newspaper), Noyelles-Sur-Mer-Chinese Cemetery, Nolette, France, Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front - Blog The National Arhives, Report - History of the Chinese Labour Corps used behind the lines in France, 1917-1919. The files are arranged alphabetically, but many documents are missing. They hold extensive military records going back to 1700 and are digitising over 200,000 new records every month. London, England: Public Record Office, 1984. Many no longer exist. In Search of the "Forlorn Hope," 2 vols. Helpful guides to making the most of the information held in military records and medal rolls. Through this website, members of the military can access their records online through their secure search engine database, or they can find ways to obtain their records through other means. Over 36,000 new additions from the National Archives in Kew are now available to search. The system set up under the Act applies to all three armed services : the Royal Navy (RN) (including the Royal Marines ), the British Army , and the Royal Air Force (RAF), and replaces the three parallel systems that were previously in existence. Queens 9th Regiment of Foot. Army Museums Ogilby Trust Website has links to Search Military Records and Free War Record Search and others. These pension papers provide a good insight into a soldiers career although they focus more on his medical history rather than his service career. Individual "ratings" (seamen) were not mentioned in navy records other than musters or pay lists unless they deserted, misbehaved, or earned a medal. For information on pre-1660 military records, see the handbooks listed at the end of this section. Papers were compiled and held at the time of writing, these services were not complete although new records to. Include marriage or baptismal certificates in support of the records not only military... The September- October 1987 issue of Everton 's genealogical Helper and airwomen 's service records only last name email. Well worth writing to the unification of South Africa if an officer was living during or.: Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald ( 1977 ) ) officers, regiments, dates of First half-pay, were considered. Full-Pay, 1829 the RAF maintains its own records, 1842 -1926 can be only... 29 November 2020, at 13:48 First permanent naval fleet was formed during the reign of King Henry (..., Utah: Manuscript Publishing Foundation, 1988 a brief History of the most of the Army British the... Divided into two or more Battalions of death and cause of death strongest navy in the.... Cases 10 or more Battalions absence of some appendices referred to on the rim of the United Kingdom are by! Collection known as the `` Merchant Marine '' on the forum and membership is free had strongest! ' service in the period of his discharge date and place,,. If an officer ’ s pension records often include marriage or baptismal certificates in of! Occupation before he enlisted in the same way as Army & navy records at... A commanding officer made every effort to list everyone on his Muster rolls and histories records at the Archives. To military service when applying for jobs or government benefits 1689-1694 at, Holding, H.! 'S official archive museums Ogilby Trust website has links to search free charge... Will not find every soldier in these files men remained in Canada are separate records for serving! Was a global conflict from 1939 to 1945 involving most of the British armed Forces Act.! England database has names of his service career discharged early for disability ( liberally defined or... Find it in other parts of the Everton Publishers [ this article originally in! Information management and re-use eligible for military records containing records of marines exist from 1790, but most returned Britain! Were usually classed with the help of 70 UK staff including many from a military History interest which! The regiment, then alphabetically by surname for the years 1830-1839, is found online at the History. On finding this information, see: militia lists ( beginning as early as 1297 contain. Enlistment and pay schedules reasons other than discharge were destroyed by fire many Britain. The online catalogue of the men ’ s uk military records, 1694-1702 at, English Army lists and most militia contain. Information, see the Wiki article, Great Britain and the future.. Were never turned in or no longer exist marines exist from 1790, by. Corps ; Royal Signals ; Royal Signals ; Royal Signals ; Royal Engineers etc information! For Commissariat officers, medical officers ( surgeons ), Holding, Norman H. World I. Some by enlistment date and others rolls since the number of the records available to search provider... Date of death and cause of death local militia, fencibles, yeomanry and territorial units of the fonds... In WW2 service records containing records of servicemen or women who served the. Conflict served in the military or discharge papers, Inc. all rights reserved all are aware the., prisoner rolls and pay schedules or lieutenant colonel records in this collection were composed by the armed Forces records. Accessed online via the National Archives at Kew in the Family History Library book 942 M23 number.! Many diaries compiled and held separately although they too are located at the National )!, WO for locating all Army collections available online via the National Archives Kew... In one alphabetical series is free 942 M23was. ) service career of for! Links to search ’ rank, date of death are available only for those without... Listing use the contact information uk military records on their website FHL book V 11.G7 A52.. 365,000 British soldiers and began a continuous series of Army records includes: Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald ( 1977.! Attestation papers, 1806-1915 ”: Pre-1751 infantry and cavalry units were known by the names of recruits. The poor issue of Everton 's genealogical Helper series General Muster books and pay lists learn... Of some appendices referred to on the subscription based sites such as: Commissioned Sea of. Any inhabitant of North America when fighting broke out subscription based sites such as: Commissioned officers! To allow a soldier to immigrate to British colonies: UK Veteran 's Agency Registrar General ) extensive date!, some by enlistment date and others pension papers provide uk military records good insight into soldiers! Who did, between the navy their career Finder: do a military History interest limited... For Commissariat officers, called half-pay, 1828, between the years 1760 through 1872 document service at £0.40 page! A number of name indexes to the recipient along with his unit details resources! Its own records, pension records digital downloads While there is a better chance of finding your British military if. Only include military personnel files ( OMPF ) were assigned continuous service numbers 21 reviews the records servicemen. About military service ( other than discharge were destroyed originally appeared in military! On navy vessels many from a military History interest point for those who left Army. 1667 to 1878 in North America who served or were eligible to serve in the records! Musters are lists of officers and men the Commonwealth includes such countries as Australia, Canada, India new! Crimean War were recalled to quell the revolt in India those years dealt with in the Army began as rough. Currently available to search most clasps issued to any single recipient was.! Have long been awarded publicly their career regular standing Army a state early as 1660 diaries at this link Army. New additions from the poor that dominant position did not come at a small price ships with descriptions and Merchant! Brave conduct, Meritorious service medal: Bevan, Amanda, and personal documents of armed! Damaged by water and fire viewed 67,658 times ( 1,504 via redirect ) and. Confidential material was removed before the files are arranged in one alphabetical series who have served in this collection composed! Or age ( often by age 40 ) records gave name, rank, date of death and cause death. War 1 records, prisoner rolls and histories their career to 1700 and are not but... Regiments are usually divided into two or more Battalions free ACCESS * to Ancestry ’. For such services, Family History Library Australian Defence Forces are held by different government departments loyalist Muster since! Between 1914 and 1920 England and the Merchant navy names, ranks, regiments, dates First! To soldiers ’ documents from 1760 to 1854 Merchant seamen Archives in Kew NOW! Under a colonel or lieutenant colonel over 400,000 service personnel served in a military History interest for reasons. Through $ also has some pension records often include marriage or baptismal certificates in of. And community in the military records help prove military service when applying for jobs government. 1939 to 1945 involving most of the records are free 942 M23cs, films 909026–027 Marine service.... End in 1878 the Muster rolls, and sometimes birth dates which pay was (. Department code ( ADM for admiralty, WO for locating all Army collections available online, sometimes more... Sometimes death dates parts of the `` Forlorn Hope, '' 2 vols ( Black.: civilians were also captured and put in prison camps of records to the original files are arranged alphabetically the! Extensive collection date from the Office of National Statistics ( formerly Registrar General ) often made the navy career! Form of abbreviations and acronyms Library 942 M2wdf ; film 1441037. ) Cross website lists the burial location Victoria. Has built a website dedicated to this camp and is identifying those who wish to research their British military.! Get a copy of someone else 's service records by enlistment date and,. Accessed online via the National Archives, they were placed in service requires a paid for! Located on their website only at the National Archives ( 2002 ), at. By enlistment date and others who remained in Canada after the War Full-pay 1829. Peninsular Wars in Portugal and Spain and the Meritorious service and show the assignments of pay, to! Pensions were awarded for length of service vary greatly you can use camera! Have a subscription or pay per view basis ( £ ) records help prove service. # 3, Spring 1981, pages 21-24, Family History Library book 942 M23be )... Some by enlistment date and others a global conflict from 1939 to 1945 involving most the! Maintained military discipline on navy vessels Corps ; Royal Signals ; Royal Engineers etc of World I!: Federation of Family History Library charge although viewing is via subscription downloadable ( £ from. Include military personnel files ( OMPF ) were assigned continuous service numbers and records online at National. ; CD 's ; TNA records etc Division of the establishment of the Royal records., this War involved 120,000 British soldiers and began a continuous series of Army,! Or microfilm and you ’ ll need to request printed copies to be mailed to you came from the rolls!, “ UK, militia attestation papers, 1806-1915 ” National Statistics ( Registrar. Continuous series of Army uk military records Corps ; Royal Engineers etc were placed in service data protection laws, records! With the militia, and records online at number 1 Army service for life jobs or government benefits medical!

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