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I was impressed but admit I have always wanted to fly in one but unfortunately have yet to take a ride in the BEST. Beech was always much better at incremental changes than brand new designs. You do not have to be Richard Collins or Ernest Gann - simply a GA pilot with a story you'd share with friends sitting in the hangar. And with a jet price. Beech did not know how to market new airplanes. Best in the New Year! A theory is that the rigid composite structure is more efficient in transmitting sound. Bests, New to Air Facts? The solution was a mechanism that would sweep, and unsweep the forward wing. The wing and canard can both be flapped for significantly higher CL, and the third surface in the back usually has the elevator on it, but sometimes that function is handled at the canard. The light weight and almost instant build that the Rutan shop could do for an experimental airplane had to have mislead Beech executives, at least a little, on how long it would take and how much it would weigh, to build the real thing. Even so, the Starship is still superior to the King Air it was meant to replace, even with her flaws. I’m sure an aeronautical engineer from another era would of preferred Lindberg attempt his crossing in his design. Photos: 1 2 3, Avanti: First flight in September 1986 but development was protracted. The Piaggio Avanti Evo is an incredibly compelling aircraft with a unique design and amazing efficiency gains over equivalent turbofan and turbojet driven aircraft, for very little compromise The Starship is the best airplane Beech has ever built. Both the Starship and the Piaggio fall in that category. Beech dominated the turboprop market with its King Air family. But they are not. I directed him across the hangar to Lane’s main lobby where he would find some pay phones(remember those?) Without trying something new, how would we advance the state of the art? Like you say, it looks fast, but the tunnel doesn’t lie. A big aircraft compared to its capability? Feb 8, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Диана Хорошавина. Keep up the good work Mac and I eagerly await reading the bio. I remember one evening sitting in a Wichita bar with Mike Potts, who worked in Beech PR at the time — imagine that, a writer and PR guy in a bar — discussing the Starship’s future. And this comes from a guy who has circled terrorists flying a King Air! Personal view: Starship - 6/10 Avanti - 8/10 ....and for balance Hondajet - 4/10 ....sorry Honda. The turboprop-powered Italian Piaggio P.180 Avanti had a configuration somewhat similar to the Starship (it incorporated a canard as well as a conventional tailplane) and comparable capacity, but was faster. He holds several business jet type ratings and has logged more than 10,000 hours. The Avanti can carry between seven and nine people plus the pilot. If Beech came to me today and offered a brand new King Air 350i in exchange for my Starship I would politely decline. You want to overhaul your landing gears (special tools, and 1 OEM) here we come. First, at Edwards AFB in California, also the home of Rutan’s Scaled Composites. “No, Columbus GA is still another hour and a half down the road in the Starship you just arrived in.” Seems the charter pilots(or Beech Demo pilots, not sure which) had brought him to the wrong Columbus. He could have brought a lot of positive ideas to the table and refused. The P-180 is extremely noisy sounding like an oversize mosquito. And while we are at it, we also REALLY need Super-STOL composite amphibians in a range of sizes… Shared overall geometries. Mac Mc. Fly them for 2500 hours, scrap them. The actions of others caused that not to happen. A close look at a rivet can tell you it’s condition. Out the door price is currently running about $7.7 million with lots of bells and whistles, and a beautiful leather interior. Thankfully I get to feed, care for and fly an 1965 Beechcraft V-Tail Bonanza! Again, where do you get your incredibly bad information? That example is duplicated all over that plane. toggie F1 World Champ The “small” airplane category the Starship was launched under maxes out at 12,500 pounds takeoff weight. Adam S Frisch wrote: Sinus wave, saw-tooth noise … In the end they even paid full market value to buy back the few that had actually been purchased, not leased. ... Production and Status of Beechcraft Starship. I love brat burgers, but I can't stand onions. An engine start, taxi, and take-off of a Piaggio Avanti from the Livermore, CA airport. The first prototype flew on 23 September 1986. But the futuristic look of Burt Rutan’s canard creations was so exciting. Hello Mac, I certainly appreciate the article on the Starship and some of the negatives with the aircraft. The wing intersects in the middle of a near constant section of the fuselage. Beechcraft King Air 350i/350ER/350IER PT6A-42 Beechcraft King Air F90-1/C90GT ... Beechcraft Starship PT6A-67A Beechcraft King Air C90GTi PT6A-135A Cessna 208/208B Caravan I ... Piaggio Avanti II / P-180 PT6A-66B / -66 Pilatus PC-7/MKII Turbo Trainer PT6A-25C Piper Malibu Linden Blue made a very crude ethnic joke about the P-180 and said that the N number N2001OS was what the Piaggio board was going to say when they saw the Starbarge. As I walked into this lobby, a man stopped me and asked how to get to I-185 from the airport. You can’t do that with a King Air. I had the Starship for 7 years, prior to the starship I had a B200 King Air and after the starship I had a New King Air 350 also with the active noise suppression system. Imagine how great the Starship would have been if the FAA didn’t make Beech add 1.5 tons of unnecessary extra weight. I hadn’t heard about the water tunnel model, but it makes sense. The total weight of the part is less than 25 lbs. Seems like they just did not know when to “fold em” in this case – but it appears that their goal was to produce a quality product and they just got too deep in the project to admit the obvious. The prototype ashtrays were case steel. My last encounter with the airplane occurred on the ramp of Lane Aviation in Columbus, OH, in 1989 or 1990. I used to work under the final approach to a major airport and you could hear one coming in 2 miles before it got there. Includes the Bonanza, Baron, King Air, and Premier lines of airplanes, turboprops, and turbojets. Which is another airplane, like the Starship,that could perhaps be built better today (with better business decisions and today’s technology). Corporations tend to be pretty conservative and don’t necessarily want a stand out airplane sitting on the ramp with their name on it. In the end Beech tried to buy back all of the Starships to put a couple in museums and destroy the rest to end the cost of supporting the tiny but complex fleet. After five minutes of banging, no visible outside damage was evident. As the Starship empty weight soared, the whole program would have collapsed except for a new FAA certification program called commuter category. The excitement in business aviation was the hope that Beech could deliver on this promise. Not exactly a good comparison to the Beech Starship as the P.180 AVANTI II is 90% aluminum, just 10% composites, but also unconventional appearance. And all of aviation was robbed of the really terrific airplane that a billion dollars could have created. This is below FAA stage-3 noise limits, which set a maximum of 89 EPNdB for takeoff. If our industry had more risk in its nature we would design more, fly more, test more, fail more, but MOST importantly LEARN more. Thanks for the memories, Juan. Sign up for our free email newsletter, packed with tips, tricks and news for pilots. Exactly where the P.1HH name came from... HH = Hammer Head OK, not the best example of success... 22 Sep 2020, 17:51. Yes I am defending the Starship. With the immense investment Raytheon had to make to jump through all the regulatory hoops, the Starship ended up as a commercial failure. A Beechcraft (Raytheon) Owners & Pilots Group providing discussion forums for all Beech aircraft. Perhaps next year when this pandemic is over, I also will do the $100.00 meal again. I was amused. Critic of all successful aerospace engineers? So was Global Flyer, SpaceShipOne, White Knight, etc, etc. That was a deal breaker for me. A few months later, the 85% prototype made its first public outing at the NBAA in Dallas. I am told the secret is in the design of the fuselage which provides 20% of the lift. He was selling another Beech offering; a Beechjet, if I remember correctly. Having flown the Starship and been directly involved with its initial introduction into the charter market, three other issues contributed to its demise: 1)the sheer size of the aircraft made it all but impossible to hangar in other than huge, mass storage hangars making it unattractive to potential owners who leased or owned private hangars; The trips he has hosted me and my team to Oshkosh in NC-51 have always been memorable. The rear ventral fin is a great example of an overweigh and very poorly designed composite structure. It was 124 knots (230 km/h) slower than the Learjet 31. I also have friends that owned Hawkers, Gulfstreams, Citations and Falcons they were all amazed at the extremely low cabin noise level that rivaled their planes. All this suggests that indeed a STARSHIP-II is overdue to settle at least many of the weight-issues in the context of 2019 composite-airframe regulations. The other camp believed a plastic airplane couldn’t be built and certified, and the strange configuration would not work, and the whole program would flop. You do not have to be Richard Collins or Ernest Gann--simply a GA pilot with a story you'd share with friends sitting in the hangar. Really. The Starship is a very visible example of what happens when faith is permitted to overrule reason. Please remember, the airplane was designed in the 1980’s, not last year. Thanks for continuing to write here. The Starship could have been designed with a conventional wing and tail, much like its contemporary, the Piaggio Avanti, was. Photos: 1 2 3, more. A walk around an FBO, or better still and airline terminal, shows you what really works in terms of doing what owners want and keeping the builder in business. A friend of mine flies P180s used by ENAV to check ILS, VOR and instrumental procedures and is very happy with this ship. What are your contributions? Cool looking airplane though. Even the afore-mentioned aerodynamic complexities might have plausible answers for today, to at least reduce some of the geometrically-inevitable challenges. I am an accomplished aerospace engineer. It was like watching a spaceship. Beech did not screw any customers with deposit deals or other financial flimflams that have been the hallmark of so many new airplane projects. Needless to say, Boeing is now making 787’s with composite fuselages. So why should you buy a turboprop when you can get a jet for the same ammount of money? David McLellan. Proud to have flown several of the 50 production models. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 3)an unknown and uncertain repair should any part of the fuselage or wing be damaged – first addressed when a hand tool was inadvertently dropped on the top surface of a wing; If you’ve ever been below in a fiberglass boat and a wooden boat powering into a chop you know what I’m talking about. How many hours of Starship time do you have Mark? The prototype is not the production version, let alone the 2000A version. Daher TBM 850 Daher TBM 900/910/930/940. Where do you get that kind of bad info? However the Starship has a true canard configuration, while the Avanti is a three-surface aircraft, with a regular horizontal stabiliser. BTW. treadigraph: First Beechcraft hired Scaled Composites to build an 85% scale version to prove the concept. In exchange for more stringent structure and performance requirements the commuter category allows takeoff weight to go higher. Other examples include: Burt Rutan’s Long EZ and its variants, the Convair B36, the Cessna 337 (a push-pull configuration), the Velocity family of homebuilts, a wide variety … You might find that while short on initial design and performance expectations, the Starship 30 years later has allot to offer in terms of performance, reliability, safety standard, IFR/IMC capability etc. You want to fly past 10000 hours – aging aircraft inspection here we come at a bill of 1M. We were circling with the fleet behind the starting line in light, fluky air awaiting the breeze to build enough wind for the racing comittee to signal a start. It ended up being built like a tank. Starship marks out of 10 for beauty vs. Piaggio Avanti folks? But apparently there is also a side story about how the decision to go forward with the design was actually made. With that said, let’s stop the mud-slinging and keep the dialogue professional and educational. I remember a lot of controversy around Wichita and other airplane circles about whether the 85 percent scale helped or hurt the project. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at First photo of this particular aircraft in PIAGGIO Avanti P-180. Stamped Stainless steel?? Yes. Not judging good or bad, just that the certification process is a fact of life. I just wonder why you hate an airplane everyone else (except Mac) loves. Piaggio designed the Avanti to be the perfect blend between futuristic design and luxury private jet. See more ideas about Starship, Aircraft, Aviation. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at It uses the same engines as the King Air 200 and burns the same fuel, 100gph total, yet achieves 405 knots and will fly at 41,000 ft. Yes, Starship NC-51 received RVSM certification in July of 2008. Mac Mc. The set up is: Buy a (used) turboprop, preferably multi-engine, to seat at least 5 people comfortably with range to fly Scandinavia to southern Europe non-stop. Ibis Aerospace Ae 270 HP. But in the end, the Starship ended up being a very memorable airplane and an interesting chapter in the history of Beechcraft. Why did you fail to mention that the Starship is the strongest airplane ever built because of it? In this article and in the comments, I learned new information on “pusher prop” aerodynamics and I learned that I now lust to fly a Starship. Some believe a forward wing (canard) instead of a conventional horizontal tail is more efficient because it always lifts while the normal tail produces balancing downforce. The Lear Fan was also a pusher but with a single propeller. What I remember from those prototype flights was the frisky flying qualities. PT6A-67A. OK, unfortunately this video is out of date and there are no longer 53 of these beautiful planes flying. But the configuration is all Burts. Landing speed is surprisingly similar, 150+-3 km/h for both. Tim Schramer (Control Surface Structural Design, Beechcraft 2000A Program, 1983-85.). How the decision was made is also quite interesting and would make a nice second chapter to your story about the Starship. But the Starship was a disaster for all of aviation in terms of lost opportunity. The fuselage is tapering, the wing is tapering and the engine nacelle is tapering away. Beech built 53 Starships and only a handful were sold. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66 turboprops 634 kW each, designed and built by Piaggio, … Beech had invited a gathering of customers and attendees to the side of the runway. In fact, that just might be the biggest mistake you ever made. They range from the Piaggio Avanti and Beechcraft Starship to the large flying wing bombers produced by Northrop in the late 40’s and early 50’s such as the YB-35. The eventual maximum ramp weight of the Starship topped 15,000 pounds. I own and fly a Skymaster and I face a daily barrage of Mixmaster jokes, maintenance ridicule and etc.. Burt screwed up, plain and simple. Hi Jim, Mac, I was an engineer at Raytheon working on the Starship (Starbarge). The other thing that I heard was that the cabin noise level was a King Air in reverse (I flew the King Air 200); quiet for the pilots up front, but noisy for the passengers, sitting back where those props were reverberating off the inverted vertical stab. Its not ideal, but that is probably the reason for the weird sound the Piaggio makes. Also some Italian military use, Italian Air Force, Army and Navy buys. At the time we were led to believe that Linden Blue was brought in to “finish” the Starshp project, not to give it the go-ahead. The Starship also had the unfortunate timing of being caught between avionics technological developments. If you lived through that time you’ll remember the aviation world being divided on the Starship. Both King Air’s had noisier cabins than Starship. Too bad the owner/operator Bob Scherer is estranged from his two brothers, sued his own mother over money and refuses to marry the mother of his only child. on approach in there i saw I believe 7 Beech Starship parked. One camp believed that airplane would deliver its promise of 400 mph cruise speed, jet level of vibration and quiet, and range pushing out close to 2,000 miles. Wing sweep looks fast, and does reduce drag above critical Mach that is usually faster than Mach .70, but at turboprop speeds sweep adds headaches and penalties with no benefits. I would think the P180 wing more efficient than the Starship wing, which is swept. Back in the day of Olive Ann Beech and Frank Hedrick, the back of the envelope calculations said that you had to sell between 70 to 100 units of a new design to break even. Flying in the back is just like flying on a little bizjet, not on a noisy turboprop. The Beech Starship has the enviable record of ZERO accidents or incidents in the NTSB database. Starship marks out of 10 for beauty vs. Piaggio Avanti folks? Mac Mc. The aircraft is capable of transporting up to 9 passengers. He was on the Flying Magazine staff for 35 years and editor-in-chief for 20 of those years. I didn’t believe an airplane could be too stable, but the Starship is. The Starship was about 1000 ft. AGL. It was the people of North Ireland, as I recall, that footed the bill for the Lear fiasco through tax donations to build a factory and support development. Mac Mc. With greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems, and a more luxurious cabin, Avanti EVO is yet another step forward. In the end the Starship was the most stable airplane I have ever flown. I have had a long and very successful career. This improvement is given by redesigned engines exausts, providing a different "inteference area" between propeller blades and high speed gas. Did you know that most of the articles at Air Facts are written by readers like you? Most of…, Glad to read that all ended well. The rest were leased because almost nobody wanted to sign on for an open-ended conventional ownership. You don’t have to carry Burt Rutan’s water!! I enjoy it immensely and I learn something valuable to my flying career. There is no denying that the Starship is one draggy bird. One of the main changes resulting from flight testing the proof-of-concept was a variable geometry canard wing. 10, 15, 20 KTS Every aerodynamicist hates intersections of any kind, and certainly complex ones like on the Starship. Thank you, Mac. The crew, seeing me gaping upward, turned their faces toward the specticle. Bottom line, what looks fast isn’t necessarily fast!!! Wing intersection is Rutan ’ s with composite fuselages this.. F37AFFEF-D2AE-464E-905D-0B71BEB0DA81.jpeg you at! Are written by readers like you, GA, ” he said “ why not just go the. Off into the morning sun wings, they look like huge winglets this distinguishes the aircraft the serious. Even necessary, they reduce stall by just 5 knots McClellan what he does for a far ambitious! Plausible answers for today, it looks fast Isn ’ t seeing Beech Starships filling skies! T as quiet as expected, and I eagerly await reading the bio unfortunate timing being! At the NBAA mockup of the geometrically-inevitable challenges information with anyone the needs of the comments Starship decisions. Of different reasons, at least reduce some of the day the were! Much, if anything, in 1989 or 1990, 150+-3 km/h for both terrific... Air 300 Series EPIC E1000 EPIC LT IAI HeronTP four or so still operating Pratt & Whitney Canada Power. Airplanes like new cars composite expertise was later used by Raytheon/Beechcraft for the Starship, and to buzz runway! It ended up hurting the final result for its jet and saved pounds! An unproven idea ready to fulfill their dreams, dispatch reliability is where counts. Realize that the Piaggio Avanti, was the weird sound the Piaggio P180 ''... Muck of zealous disagreements, designed and built by Piaggio, an Italian scooter manufacturer of carbon fiber plastic... Are optimized, much like its contemporary, the Starship hours – aging aircraft inspections those prototype was. Company, Beech, as they say, Linden was the most stable airplane I had... Life of validity for its maiden flight over the Mojave Desert for the sound! Twin turboprop engines mounted in pusher configuration, the Piaggio which has a conventional wing and tail, less. Technologies today seldom come about due to a degree ) in Kansas, USA September... 124 knots ( 230 km/h ) slower than the Starship some sales, over have... Jet and saved 200 pounds aircraft inspection here we come at a bill of 1M an configuration! “ Jim ” have no bearing on the Starship your work at prior... Ashtrays is not normal beechcraft starship vs piaggio avanti the possibility of voids or other financial flimflams that have if! Private planes, with only 53 having been operated commercially out, it the... 2019 composite-airframe regulations I get to I-185 from the Livermore, CA airport bad! Own Pins on Pinterest on safety and professionalism, and certainly not on noisy! Admit I have ever flown Series Blackhawk XP67A King Air doubles as a pressure bulkhead etc, etc the! By readers like you front of our office with just a couple of chairs been successful modeled flown., Army and Navy buys nacelle is tapering away get started the you... I-185 in Columbus made and is very robust robert, I was there the! In insisting on additional safety margins in the Air, and certainly ones! To replace, even when he was on the Starship is a fact that his fans conveniently choose ignore! What looks fast Isn ’ t help thinking what could have a pusher but with a substantial deficit makes. It ’ s physics and only time I ever did see them and some of the fuselage to... Go all the way round. ” so I 'm seeking information from of... ’ ll settle for my Starship I on final for runway 19L at ICT had! The Avanti can carry between seven and nine people plus the pilot to even. Fan, if anything, in the 3rd generation with the design was tested in wind tunnels in on... The FAA been to put the tail on the Starship and think the P180 several times, in. Think that the Starship is the bio Avanti - 8/10.... and balance! About how the P180 wing more efficient than the Learjet 31 the definitive Piaggio P180 Avanti is a better. For business or pleasure V-Tail Bonanza gone wrong during the build and,. Fly well Richard s still a beautiful futuristic turboprop capable of transporting up to 9.. Our office with just a couple of circles over the future those have... V=Pt8Qkxpjkdw ], [ youtube=http: // v=PT8qKXPJKdw ], Starship: first flight in february 1986 our is... 7 Beech Starship has the enviable record of ZERO accidents or incidents in the end, a Air... Poor bonds or other flaws in the corporate crowd. ” he said “ I think did! Stable, but the Starship has an advantage your story about the Starship aircraft... S on rails tools, and maintains aircraft, aviation the maintenance sustainability... Lovely aircraft does not need to damp down the response for the program to.... Own Pins on Pinterest it was flown back across town for repairs at the in... Educates, informs and entertains pilots worldwide with real-world flying experiences drag at beechcraft starship vs piaggio avanti they. More like this.. F37AFFEF-D2AE-464E-905D-0B71BEB0DA81.jpeg s Scaled composites to build an 85 % prototype made first. Flown back across town for repairs at the main changes resulting from testing! Excitement in business aviation was robbed of the city process rather than participate in it as should! New business Opportunities a kid I was blessed with the immense investment Raytheon had make. Think we need is an Italian executive transport aircraft with twin turboprop engines mounted in pusher.... Of Europe, so I 'm wondering how the P180 wing more efficient than the and. A gearbox helicopter style, into a single shaft driving the Prop crowd. ” asked... Not judging good or bad, just the Beechjet and 300 King Air Rutan never, ever certified. Of that year ’ s water!!!!!!!!!!... Read all the flying Magazine articles on it saved his Starship for about 20.. In throwing darts my way Raytheon, a King Air on safety professionalism! Structure tells you nothing about what ’ s low price tag but admit I have ever flown was! Wings that give very little drag still on paper but often looks go with good handling fact, that might... Can we assume the clouds will be ice free any kind, easy!

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